Can You Redesign My Website?

Until they actually look at their website, people often don’t realise just how out of date it looks. Unfortunately in the world of online customers, image is everything, and makes the difference between whether they see your company as a proper well established and professional company they can trust, or as possibly a spotty student somewhere hiding behind a keyboard. Hoping to make a living without having to leave his bedroom. If you are unsure, ask yourself when your website was designed, if it was more than a year ago or 2 it is a pretty safe bet that it will be looking out of date. There was a time when it was perfectly acceptable to have your neighbours teenage son knock-up a website for you using a piece of software he downloaded from the internet. However that time has now long since been and gone, and if your website still has that “Dated DIY” look then your customers will read in to it that your business methods and attitude toward service will be equally shabby and unprofessional. Does this mean that you need to have a complete new website commissioned and built from scratch? Not necessarily no… You can simply have your website professionally redesigned, the chances are that you will be able to keep your existing web hosting, your domain name, if the information on the website is still currently, then you can keep that too, and just have the layout and design professionally revamped. In effect give your site a professional make over.

Should you Redesign your Website?

For over 14 years have worked on a great variety of different kinds of websites. Companies often start out with a website knocked up by a freind or an employee. But after a while they realise it is time for a professionally redesigned website.

Very often we can take your text and images and build a totally fresh site using them. This helps to keep your company image up to date, but saves you time in having to provide content for the website.

Can you redesign my existing website?

Yes we can. If you are happy with the text on your website (or some of it anyway) and just want to update the look and feel of the website to something a little more modern, we can help.

If you already have a clear idea of what you require then we can work to your brief. If on the other hand, you know that it needs updating, but dont really know what to do with it, then we can offer design suggestions and create a fresh new look for your website.

Ive lost contact with my old web designer, can you help?

Yes we can. If your website is still online, then nine times out of ten we can salvage it for you, saving you the hasstle & expense of starting from scratch. We can often make a backup copy of your website, add any updates and modifications that you require and upload it to a new account in your name so that you will have full control over your website from now on..