Google Webmaster Tools warning email

Like many thousands of other people we received an email from Google webmaster tools warning us that our website was not mobile friendly.
However we had been so busy working on our customers websites that we hadn’t had any time at all to think about our own.

Realising that we only had a few days left if […]

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Google’s mobilegedden

So it has finally arrived, mobile D-day is here. If your website was not mobile friendly and has vanished from Google, then their new mobile algorithm is the reason why.
It makes perfect sense on Google’s part to do this.¬†After all estimates on the actual number of internet searches conducted via mobile devices vary wildly, but […]

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Incredible Reaction

We love it when our customers are happy with our work, and from time to time we get customers that are so overwhelmed by what we have done for them. This is one of those occasions. Our customer contacted us in a hurry, he had been messed around by another so called website developer and […]

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Mobile friendly mania

While the world of website owners are now scrambling to sort out their websites and get them mobile friendly in line with Google’s new mobile algorithm update, that went live yesterday on the 21st of April 2015, it is important to remember that mobile versions are not the only requirements of this new algorithm.
If your […]

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Another happy customer

This company had very specific needs. because they sell large sheets of cut stone and marble, their customers like to inspect and view each specific sheet for markings and the look of the stone. in the past this required that customers had to visit the company and walk through the yard, and move each slab […]

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New Ecommerce Website for Reef Tank Company

We are starting on a new project that is going to be rather interesting. A reef tank company that supplies aquariums and live marine fish and live corals needs a website that will only allow the selling of livestock via their website during very controlled hours. They will only allow live animals to be sold […]

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