Do I need a shopping cart?

This depends on what you expect from your website. If you are just looking to sell a few items on your website and you are not going to be making changes to the products or prices, and are happy with the look of the Paypal “Buy it Now” type buttons, and you dont mind that fact that the customers are going to be taken away from your website when they click to buy the item, then you probably dont need a full shopping cart or E commerce system.

On the other hand if you would like a bit more control over what you are selling, and you would like to be able to add or remove products from the website, then you will need a shopping cart system. We can add a shopping cart system to your existing website, or we can build a new Ecommerce website for you from scratch.

We have developped our own E commerce system over many years and have built a very user freindly, simple to administrate and to use E-commerce solution.

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