Ecommerce Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I be charged a monthly or annual charge just to use my own website?This is a rip off that really annoys us at, Once you have paid to have your website designed, why should you have to pay a regular fee to someone else for no good reason. When we build a website for our customers they are free to use that website for life with no hidden or account fees. The only thing you pay for after your website is designed and paid for, is the yearly costs of website hosting and the domain name registration as and when it comes time for renewing the domain.
  •   Will I be able to add and change products, pictures, prices and descriptions myself when ever I want?All Ecommerce websites have an admin area that allows you to login and make all the above changes plus many more any time you wish. Call us for a free demonstration of how easy our system is to use.
  •   I heard that Ecommerce sites are often not search engine friendly is this true?Yes this is often true, however that is simply down to how the website is built in the first place. If the page titles and descriptions are not made dynamic to reflect the products that are being offered on the page then search engines will often ignore most of the pages on the website. Many off the shelf packages and pay monthly package have this problem. However at we build our E commerce websites to be search engine friendly, this means that every time you add a new product to your website it will be found by the search engines. Our ecommerce websites often have hundreds of pages registered in the search engines rather than just one or two. If you would like more details on this then please call or email us.
  •   I dont know if I can afford an Ecommerce site, aren’t they very Expensive?While there are many companies out there who will still quote tens of thousands of pounds for an Ecommerce site, you simply dont have to pay that. You can have a high quality online shop without paying through the nose for it. For examples of prices please give us a call.
  •   Will it do exactly what I want?This is where Bespoke Ecommerce systems come in to their own. We design only bespoke cart system websites and as the name suggests this means that they are designed according to your requirements, you tell us what you want and we will build it for you. You will probably be surprised how having exactly what you want designed specifically for you, often costs no more and sometimes less that paying for a pre-designed off the shelf package.
  •   What if I need to add new features or change the design later?Again this is where a Bespoke Ecommerce system is handy. You can have the new features programmed in anytime you want, you simply tell us what you would like and we will work out a quote to make that change for you.
  •   How long does it take from start to finish to build me an Ecommerce website?We can only speak for ourselves here, but this will depend on the features you require and the design you want, however on average it can take anything from 2 – 8 weeks or up to 12 weeks if you require a really complicated system with loads of bespoke features. If you would like an idea on a time frame for a specific project, then just give us a call, we will be happy to give you an idea on timescale.


We will be happy to personally answer any other questions that you have.