Ecommerce Websites dont have to be complicated

Our Ecommerce sites are designed to be simple to use. Like you we have found that the majority of E commerce software, and Ecommerce systems are way too difficult to understand and to use.

We decided to start from scratch and build an e commerce system that is as easy to manage and update as it is to use for the customer. Our system does all the hard work for you, as long as you can complete a very simple form:

And by simple we mean, enter the product name here, and enter the product description here, enter how much you want to charge for this product here, click this button to select an image for the product from your computer.

The website itself then takes all that information and goes away and build the new pages on the website for you, it uploads the product images from your computer and creates different sized versions of it for you, and displays them on the website, allowing the customer to even zoom in to the image to get a closer look. (this feature can be turned off if required)

You dont need to know or understand anything about HTML or programming or databases, all the complicated parts have been simplified and done for you. Feel free to call us and request a demo.


Call us for a chat about it, we will be happy to hear to from you
We will be happy to answer any questions you have.