So it has finally arrived, mobile D-day is here. If your website was not mobile friendly and has vanished from Google, then their new mobile algorithm is the reason why.

It makes perfect sense on Google’s part to do this. After all estimates on the actual number of internet searches conducted via mobile devices vary wildly, but we know that by far, the vast majority of all internet use is now via mobile devices. It seems that the actual percentage of internet use via mobiles is now well over 90%

By I suspect that you are more interested in what you can do about it? Well it is of course always harder to salvage a situation after the event. And im sure you are kicking yourself for not addressing this earlier when there was time, but don’t kick yourself too hard. Certainly don’t panic, it is still possible to sort this problem out, and in fact Google are expecting a mass rush of website owners sitting up and taking action now.

Firstly if you are not sure if your website passes or fails Google’s test, you need to check. You can do that here:
If you failed the test dont worry, you can sort that out. You just need to have your website built so that it is fully mobile compatible. Then you will need to tell Google about the change, so you should open a Google Webmaster tools account (if you dont already have one) and then Click on the link called “Crawl”. From the drop down list select “Mobile smartphone” and click “Fetch and Render”.
Once it has completed, you need to click the “Submit to index” link. and you will see a pop up box with this: