How to choose a good domain name?

Factors to think about when choosing a Domain name for a website. If your company is not a large well branded household name, then people are unlikely to be searching for your company name. If the company name is available as a domain name then you should by all means register it. You can then point it to your website as an additional domain name. However the main domain name for your website needs to include the main keywords that people are likely to be searching for. For example your Southend on Sea Window cleaning company might be called “Splash and Sparkle” and you might register the domain name “” however this tells Google nothing about your services. Nor would anyone see it and think that looks like a website about window cleaning…

On the other hand if you use the keywords that people are likely to be searching for in the domain name, then you will rank better in Google and people are more likely to select you from a list as they know straight away what your website is about. So for example a better domain name for the above company would be “”. Then when someone goes to Google and searches for “Southend Window Cleaners”, Google will know that your website matches what they are looking for, and you will be listed higher. Also anyone looking at the list of websites, maybe a Wikipedia website might be in the list explaining to all the people that come from another planet what window cleaning is. There might be a website selling window cleaning materials, and one called “”, then there is your website: “”. Will there be any doubt in the minds of the people searching what your website is about, and what service you are offering? No. Which website will they choose? Most likely yours because it matches what they are looking for. Provided that you have your company name on your website some where, then if anyone searches for your company name in Google, they are still going to find your website anyway.

Try to avoid going for a domain name that is too long, people wont remember it, and they wont want to have to type it all in.

How to choose a Good Domain name?

For over 14 years have been helping companies choose the right domain name for their website. Sometimes you will need to register more than one domain name, one for SEO purposes & one to protect your company name.

The domain you choose can have a huge impact on the success of your website, yet with so many different domains to choose from, how can you choose a good one? We can help you when you work with us to build your website.