How to find a good hosting company?

There are several factors to take in to consideration. Where the company you want to host with are based, what type of hosting account do you require: Windows hosting, Linux hosting, Cold Fusion hosting etc, do you want shared hosting, dedicated servers, or virtual private servers…

Why does it matter where the hosting company is located? Well if the company hosting your website is in America, then you will probably only be able to get support from them during American working hours, often in the early hours of the morning for us when we want to be sleeping. Also Google and other search engines take in to consideration the physical location of the web server that your website is hosted on, and it assumes that if the website is in America your intended audience must be mostly Americans. Some people have found themselves not listed in the UK search results, because their website is hosted abroad.

What is their support and customer service like? If you choose a hosting company that is too big, then they are likely to just think of you as a number. They may not be so keen to keep you happy and answer your support questions as quickly as some of the smaller companies. A simple test to give you an idea of the companies willingness to support their customers, is to call their support line and see if they answer it, before you think about taking out their hosting.

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How do we choose good hosting

For over 14 years have been working closely with various different types of hosting companies, both abroad and in the UK. Some have been good experience and some mistakes that we have learned from. Now you can benefit from all those years of experience.

There are many different kinds of hosting, and the hosting that you choose can have a huge impact on the success of your websites. It can effect who Google decides to show your site to, as well as the speed of the website and it’s reliability.

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