SEO & SEM – What is the difference?


The main difference between SEO and SEM, is that Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, is describing the practice of making changes to a website in order to help the website improve its “Score” with the search engines such as Google. This in turn helps them to climb higher in the results returned when someone does a search using a search engine. These are called Natural rankings or natural results. The effects are long term. Although it can take longer to achieve, the natural rankings are what we all want and strive for. These are the main list of websites shown on the left hand side on Google.



Search Engine Marketing on the other hand is paying for your position. Paid for links or adverts will usually appear on the right hand side in Google. Although the results are often much faster, it can be a very expensive way to go about things. You will find that you pay for a link on a search engine and that the position that you pay for is always subject to change, if someone comes along and offers more than you are paying for your position, you will get bumped further down. Also you need to be aware that there is a lot of “dirty play” involved in SEM. Your competitors will often click on your advert or link, knowing that it is costing you money each time they do so. You generally have to pay for each time the link or advert is shown or for each time it is clicked on.


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